It’s the simple stuff in life that gives me great joy. And the simple joy of crystal clear glasses is right up there with picking the season’s first ripe red tomato!

For you folks who (like me) wash their drinking glasses by hand, start with a sink filled with hot soapy water and be sure to rinse with very cold water (I learned this little trick from friends in the catering business).

As for drying a boat-load of glasses? For years, I would over stuff my dish drainer and leave glasses in very precarious positions. Then there were the days of drip-drying the glasses up-side down on countertops lined with layers of kitchen towels, only to wait forever for them to un-fog.

Finally, I stumbled upon the best simple solution (a big-duh and why didn’t I think of this before moment?!)…why not lay out sheet pans and cover them with my cookie cooling racks?

Don’t you just love things that multi-task so beautifully?

Keeping it spotless in Connecticut!

Love, Nora


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