The entrance to the old house was lingering in an in-between state. All summer the rustic twig basket hanging by the door was the perfect scale and spot for a big dramatic hanging pot of bright pink and purple petunias.

Sadly, it’s inevitable…the pretty petunias are now way they’re past their prime, and really need to go into the compost. And since I’m not ready to commit to a fall look just yet, I’m replacing the dying petunias with a very much thriving perennial – Clematis Paniculata, also known as Sweet Autumn Clematis.

The first beautiful thing about this fabulously frothy climber is that she’s a late summer bloomer (I can relate) and is covered in drifts of lightly fragrant pure white flowers. Once I got her home, I didn’t even have to take her out of the pot. I just popped her into that big rustic twig basket and voila!  Instant showstopper!

The second beautiful thing is that once she’s done blooming, she’ll have a new home either climbing the old stone wall in the front of the house, or make her presence known by turning up the volume on the white picket fence of the kitchen garden. Both spots are partly sunny and would work well with what’s already established.

Which spot would you choose? 

Love, Nora



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