Gingerbread X’s & O’s Garland 

I stumbled upon this idea for a garland quite accidentally! Last month I was in a high-powered gingerbread snowflake-baking mode for a local holiday tree event. After pressing hundreds of cookies into a variety of snowflake shapes, I ended up with small snowflake and circle cutouts. What to do? 

I placed them on multiple cookie sheets and with a skewer, created a ¼-inch hole in the center of each. After baking, with a fresh batch of royal icing, I piped them with x’s and o’s, and let them dry. With the help of my friend Carol, we looped long strands of natural raffia through the holes, tied, and added another one within a few inches. We repeated the process with each raffia strand, and when ready to decorate our tree, we tied them together to get the lengths needed. 

This batch of oddball, leftover gingerbread dough ultimately made everyone smile!  

Click here for my Gingerbread Snowflake Cookies recipe. 

Happy baking! 

Love, Nora