Balsam Chandeliers 

Every year, I deck out my chandeliers for Christmas with big boughs of freshly cut balsam. Armed with my trusty pruning shears, I head out to the back woods and snip just a couple of branches.  

I gently rest a branch at a time onto the arms of my chandelier, making sure to snip here and there as needed. Once I’ve finished draping the greenery, and have tucked in a few battery powered ‘Stargazer’ lights from Terrain (my faves for a bit of glitz), I stand back, admiring my handiwork. Grinning from ear to ear, I think to myself, well, that was ridiculously easy Nora Murphy!  

For an easy way to add a whole lot of beautiful holiday impact without breaking a sweat – or the bank – give it a try! 

Happy decorating! 

Love, Nora