Ice Hurricanes 

First impressions are everything! So for your holiday gathering, add sparkle to your frosty walkway by making your very own Ice Hurricanes. They’re impressive and so easy to make! See the instructions below or click here for more visual step-by-step! 

What you’ll need:  

Large plastic containers 

Smaller plastic or metal containers 

Weights of some sort (rocks, nuts & bolts, etc.) 

Duct tape 

Sprigs of cedar or pine 


Votive candles 

*(If displaying indoors, you’ll need a small trays as ice melts) 

Place smaller container inside the larger one, and fill smaller container with weights. 

Position greens between the 2 containers. To keep smaller container centered in the larger one, add a criss-cross of duct tape on top. 

Add water to just below the top of containers. 

Store carefully in freezer overnight. 

When ready to use, fill a large bowl with hot water, and one at a time immerse the frozen containers. When loosened, remove the ice from its container. 

Remove weights and pour hot water into smaller remaining container. As it loosens, separate. 

Place hurricanes directly on the ground outside and add votive candles. 

(Please note: Ice hurricanes, like any ice sculptures, will start to melt in warm temperatures.) 

Happy decorating! 

Love, Nora