Amy Chalmers:
"The excitement was real! Nora Murphy had invited me to her official book launch party in Connecticut, and would be putting me up in a lovely country cottage to stay overnight. I still couldn’t believe my house was featured alongside her iconic country home. I thought the perfect person to share this moment with was my best buddy, design style guru Matthew Mead. He had taken me along to Mary Emmerling’s book party in NYC, and I knew he would love going to Nora’s event. We arrived early enough to take in some vintage shopping in Connecticut and then hurried to get ready for the book party at the Fairfield County Antique & Design Center. Nora said to arrive early as we would have a champagne toast, and I have to say I was feeling a bit like a VIP! The party was set amidst the many antique vendors booths where Nora took center stage. She had created vignettes for each home owner. It was simply breathtaking to see my own home, recreated at the Design Center by Nora herself. But the best part of all was the next morning!"

Matthew Meade:
"I was overjoyed when Amy invited me along to Nora’s book party, but it was the ultimate of ultimates to join Nora and her team at her home the next morning for breakfast. It absolutely  rivaled my visit to Martha Stewart’s house some 20 years earlier.  Each room in Nora’s country house kept unfolding with style ideas, collections and the most lovely country furnishings.  We started the tour in her converted chicken coop, now bedroom suite.  If you love her blog and book you can imagine what it is like to be standing in her home and observing and engaging in person.  We saw the beautiful attached bath, dining room, living room and den all complete with interesting finds, paint treatments and more.  We arrived in her famous kitchen all brimming with delicious aromas and bagels brought in from NYC.  Coffee and juice flowed as did the conversation as we chatted and visited in the sun-filled room busy with country thoughts and memorable exchanges.  Oh how I was thrilled to be part of it all and to feel all the gracious beauty of Nora Murphy’s country house… what a delight!"

Thanks so much Amy & Matthew! So happy you were there to share the joy and love of our new book!

Love, Nora


  1. Mary Lou Cummings on April 11, 2019 at 10:44 am

    What fun to see the interior of your charming home once again!

  2. janis monachina on April 11, 2019 at 10:56 am

    I love the book, and the mini tour!! I want more!!!!!

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