For Valentine’s Day, I wanted to create something special for you. A limited edition of sorts. So I came up with Hugs & Kisses, a scented soy candle duo.

Hugs is inspired by a warm hug, just like a decadently fudgy chocolate cake right out of the oven. And Kiss, had to be something sweet, like a bowl of vanilla icing that’s just been freshly mixed. And for Valentine’s Day, it had to be a perfect pair!

Just as with the rest of my NMCH Candle Collection, they’re lovingly hand poured in small batches, right here in Connecticut. And I wrap each order with what I call ‘lots of Nora TLC’! Because isn’t it such a great feeling to give a beautifully wrapped gift…or to receive one?
(I love that feeling!)

Please order here today if you need to gift it in time for Valentine’s Day! Can’t wait to send you my Hugs & Kisses!

Love, Nora xo




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