We are taught that “when life gives you lemons, make lemonade,” right? Well, I think creating ice hurricane lanterns is the frosty wintertime version of what to do when the temps dip below freezing and you want to turn the negative numbers into a positive project. It’s easy to create a warm and welcoming, glittery, shimmery, nighttime candlelit path to your door for friends and family in just a few simple steps. Or if you prefer, these can also be made and then displayed on leak-proof trays indoors – the look is just as breathtaking!

Happy decorating!

Love, Nora

Ice Hurricane Lanterns and Votive Holders

What You’ll need:

Large plastic containers

Smaller plastic or metal containers

Weights of some sort (rocks, nuts & bolts, etc.)

Duct tape

Sprigs of cedar or pine, beautiful yet optional

Assorted sea stars or seashells, also gorgeous but optional


Votive candles

Small trays for water as ice melts, if using indoors


Place smaller container centered inside the larger one, and fill smaller container with weights.

Position greens and sea stars/seashells between the 2 containers, if using. To keep smaller container centered in the larger one, add a crisscross of duct tape on top.

Add water to just below the top of containers.

Store carefully in freezer overnight or outside if it’s below freezing.

When ready to use, fill a large bowl with hot water, and one at a time, immerse the frozen containers. When loosened, remove the ice from its container.

Remove weights and pour hot water into smaller remaining container. As it loosens, separate.

Line walkway with ice hurricanes, add votive candles and light.

If using indoors, just before guests arrive, place hurricanes on leak-proof trays, add candles and light. As with ice sculptures, when they melt, they become glossy and even more gorgeous!

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  1. Monica Day on January 12, 2017 at 5:16 pm

    Great idea and sounds quite easy to do.

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