The humble designs and tactile appeal of Treenware has made me and my fellow design guru, Marta, dedicated hunters of these highly collectible pieces. We just love the lustrous patinas that these pieces have developed over years of daily wear, and like to think that we’re adding to their beauty with each time we put them to work. Not to mention that our Treenware pieces add so much warmth and character to any given spot – like our beloved kitchens!

So here’s the back-story on Treenware. It’s a term used to describe a variety of small household objects crafted entirely of wood. (Treen, literally meaning, “of the tree.”) Before the late 17th-century, when silver, pewter, and ceramics were introduced, woodworkers  carved and lathe turned, simple wares – plates, bowls, chopping boards and utensils.

To see how Marta styles her kitchen with Treenware, go to:

Happy collecting!

Love, Nora

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