With Halloween just around the corner, sugar comes to mind. I’m absolutely in awe of the most beautiful kind of sugar that is hand kneaded, cut, and ever so delicately created by the Associate Instructor, Jean-Luc Derron and his pastry students at Johnson & Wales University in Providence, Rhode Island.

Last weekend was Parent’s Weekend at Johnson & Wales. We toured the Cuisinart Center for Culinary Excellence by nibbling and sipping our way through the kitchens. All the demonstrations and tastings, from savory root vegetable soups to sweet apple cider gelee cubes (finished with a sprinkle of cinnamon and brown sugar!) were incredibly delicious, creative, and true to the name of the building – excellent! 

For me, the flower making in the Sugar Artistry class was so inspiring. Don’t know if I would ever give this art a go, but I sure do appreciate…no, it’s more like admire this exquisite art form. I don’t want to eat it, I just want to look at it!

Enjoy the show.

Love, Nora

To find out more about Johnson & Wales’ culinary programs: https://academics.jwu.edu/college-of-culinary-arts/

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