I came upon these photos that I took last year of some very gorgeous Amaryllis I was growing…and realized that if I want to repeat this for the new year, I’ve got to get going and pot them up now!

Depending on the variety, it can take 6 to 10 weeks for an Amaryllis bulb to bloom. I love having something so stunningly beautiful growing and showing itself off in the winter months.

Amaryllis bulbs like snug pots. I fill a clay pot half way with good organic potting soil, insert the bulb so it’s halfway planted, and fill in with a little bit more of the soil. Water well, and place in a sunny spot.

They’re just so beautiful.

Love, Nora




  • I know I am so behind I had not planted my amaryllis bulbs or my paper whites tomorrow for sure. Thanks for the reminder Nora.

    • Hi Victoria! You know why think I posted this?….because I had fallen behind myself! Good to be in good company! Thanks very much, and please be sure to take some shots of these beauties and share! Have a wonderful day! Love, Nora

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