Our Holiday 2014,  A Country House Christmas in New Hampshire e-magazine is due out right after Thanksgiving(!!).

But until then, I must scoop this holiday issue by sharing with you just one of the beautiful little things that my dear friend Dana (the lady of the New Hampshire country house) created and shared with me.

Dana very simply crafted napkin rings by looping copper wire (found at your local hardware store), and stringing fresh cranberries, bay leaves, and oven-dried oranges onto it. Easy. Beautiful. Unique.

This may just be the perfect touch to your Thanksgiving table…Why wait for Christmas?

Love, Nora

(P.S. For tips on drying oranges and apples: http://noramurphycountryhouse.com/2013/02/scentsational/)

  • Just curious if that is your own bay plant? If so, how do you care for it? I bought one (from a very reputable herb garden) in the late autumn one year, and was told to bring it inside and “DON’T water it ALL winter”…even if it looked half dead. Really!?!? Seemed like such strange advice to me. I tried to follow it, but the poor thing. Surprise, surprise…it died.
    Does yours live outside in-season, and then come inside for the winter? Does it live inside all the time? It looks wonderfully healthy. I’m quite in awe of your green thumb!

    • Hi Kate!

      It is my bay plant. Actually it is one of a pair. I’ve had them for several years, and they’ve grown a lot!! You are very right….they summer outdoors, and winter indoors. They stay on the same side of the house (indoors or out) to get the consistent level of light (southern).
      I water them only when the soil feels dry to the touch. Sometimes I’ve had to use an insecticidal soap on them before bringing them back in….but then they’re all good! I love them….they are my babies!

      Kate, I say “try again”! Thanks for your note…..love, Nora

  • Excellent advice, Nora! Thanks so much! I can grow a bountiful kitchen garden and keep the perennial beds going, but…indoor plants?…oh my. You’ve inspired me though! I shall try again! Thanks!

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