As usual, this time of year (honestly, I think it’s more like all year) my obsession with flowering plants is truly that – an obsession.  I find it impossible not to quickly survey the newest arrivals upon entering my favorite grocery store.  My latest acquisition – white Marguerite Daisies. Potting up these beauties, it’s all about choosing a pair of large clay pots and fitting them with multiple plants to create more of a statement; an abundant look.  This look instantly says summer, and has such versatility that I love to move them around the outdoor entrances and stone patios of the old house.

The secret to keeping Marguerite Daisies looking fresh as a daisy (sorry, couldn’t resist) is in keeping them deadheaded or trimmed. When I brought them home, I watered them well, but put them aside for a few days. Two things I took note of: 1.) Keeping them inside for a few days did not go over well with the boys.  Daisies in general are extremely stinky.  And 2.) Neglecting them for a few days, about half the flowers had faded, and they were beginning to look sort of ratty.

Time to get them back in tip-top shape. Easily enough, with a pair of scissors I cut back the faded bloom to the next joint of the stem.  May seem severe at the moment, but if you check in with them every or every other day, snip off the spent blooms (and don’t let them dry out), you’ll maintain full and healthy daisy plants all summer long.

“The daisy’s for simplicity and unaffected air.” – Robert Burns (1759-1796)

Happy Monday!

Love, Nora


  • I love daisies, thanks for the tips on keeping them looking good. I’m never quite sure how to do that.

  • Meg Ryan said it best as Kathleen Kelly in You’ve Got Mail “I love daisies. They’re so friendly. Don’t you think daisies are the friendliest flower?” I soooo agree (sigh)!

  • I couldn’t agree more. Daisies are so cheerful, so basic and uncomplicated, I can’t get enough of them!!!

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