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Rainbow trout for supper

June 25, 2012 |

Fishing on the Farmington River, on a beautifully sunny – lightly breezy – blue skied day is my husband Rick’s idea of a nearly perfect day.  And catching the biggest,…

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Early summer roses

June 20, 2012 |

Happy summer!  And here at Connecticut Country House the gardens are a – bursting!  What better way than to kick-off the summer with the attention grabbers of the week, the…

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Rustic Strawberry Galette

June 15, 2012 |

I’m on a strawberry roll. After finishing up the fool the other day, I still had quite a bit of super ripe strawberries left, just sitting there all washed, gorgeously…

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Everybody’s Fool

June 12, 2012 |

A fool, buckle, crumble, cobbler, grunt or slump, pandowdy, and a betty – just some of the centuries old desserts with funny names that have always intrigued me, and just…

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Making an entrance

June 4, 2012 |

First impressions are key.  And the first step into my home is not just about looking good, it’s got to feel good.  The most traffic happens at the back door…

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Mid-spring garden tour

June 1, 2012 |

You know, it’s funny – every week, from spring through the fall, I think I don’t have much in bloom in the gardens until I take a pair of clippers…

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A perfect little vinaigrette

May 30, 2012 |

Tender spring greens are in season, and when they are gently tossed with this simple vinaigrette – magic happens. Really.  Some time ago, I found this beautiful little vinaigrette recipe…

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Quick – give me a quiche

May 21, 2012 |

As of today, I’m promoting a quiche revival.  My hay day of quiche making was back in the late eighties when I was newly married; it was quick and easy…

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Holy guacamole

May 5, 2012 |

Every single time I take a scoop of ‘Rosa’ – inspired guacamole with a perfectly salted corn chip, I think I faintly see a halo-like glow hovering over our lava bowl!…

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Geranium - A daffodil is just a daffodil

A daffodil is just a daffodil

May 2, 2012 |

Just when I thought the daffodil season here at Connecticut Country House was over, these late bloomers have proven themselves to be no ordinary daffodils – I am now definitely…

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My first time

April 30, 2012 |

I was seven years old when I stepped foot into my first Connecticut country house.  It was a small white quintessential Cape Cod-style house perfectly tucked behind its gracious manse…

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The taste of a good life

April 25, 2012 |

What if you had a place to get away to for a few minutes everyday, a welcoming perch where you could see a fresh take on satisfying rustic nibbles and…

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