You know, it’s funny – every week, from spring through the fall, I think I don’t have much in bloom in the gardens until I take a pair of clippers and a bucket in hand and go for a walk.  I’m always amazed at  how stuffed my old bucket can get!  So starting this week, I’ll take you on a seasonal tour and show you what’s coming up, in bloom, or ready to harvest at Connecticut Country House.

This week the roses are starting to pop; hot pink Rugosas, Bonicas (all had pink blooms when I planted them many years ago, but one now blooms deep red!), and a very fragrant creamy white Damask rose – ‘Madame Hardy’. I even love the beauty in the simplicity of the wild roses that crop up here and there (don’t have the heart to pull them).  The Peony border in front of the house is starting to bloom, as well as the gigantic sweet Mock Orange shrub in the back of the house, that has the most fantastic wafting scent of my favorite French orange blossom flavored dark chocolate from Debauve and Gallais. I love the fresh, acid green foliage of new ferns and Lady’s Mantle flowers, that marry so perfectly to the bright pink roses and peonies in the garden. The Chive blossoms and Iris are on their way out, but still put on a great show.

Enjoy the tour!

  • Spring in the northeast. It just does’t get any better. I can feel or smell each of those plants by your description. With thanks, from another gardener.

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