Happy summer!  And here at Connecticut Country House the gardens are a – bursting!  What better way than to kick-off the summer with the attention grabbers of the week, the roses; a luscious color study of pinks ranging from soft blush to vibrant hues of  lipstick pink and fuschia. I had to conclude with the one late season blooming peony – she is just so gorgeous and stands right up to them.

Here’s to pretty pinks.

  • Thank you, Nora, for such beautiful pictures.

  • Nice pictures. Don’t forget to “dead head” your flowers to encourage new blooming. That means removing the dead flowers before they grow their seed pods, ensuring the plant to form new buds and prolong blooming. Many don’t realize in the case of peppers that a green pepper is an unripe red pepper. The reason green peppers are 99 cents per pound as opposed to red ones which can run as high as $5.00 per pound is that farmers continually pick the green ones encouraging new ones to grow increasing yield. In order to get a ripe red pepper, green ones need to be kept on the plant till they turn. As soon as the pepper plant senses it’s fruit has ripened then it stops blooming flowers resulting in lower yields.

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