My dear friends Chris & Dave live their businesses; Dave heads up Visual Merchandising at Ethan Allen, and Chris heads up DC Kingswood, a fabulous lifestyle vintage goods shop within the Fairfield County Antique & Design Center in Norwalk Connecticut. They live with their wonderfully unique finds, styled just right in their Bethel Connecticut townhouse. The first time I stepped into their world I felt so welcomed, and found their environment just so comforting. I truly felt like I was nestled in a cozy English manor house. Warm colors, rich textures, and interesting, unique finds from all over New England.

I wanted others to see what I was always talking about, so you can imagine just how excited I was when WFSB’s Better Connecticut wanted to experience what I was talking about too! Scot Haney and I were warmly welcomed into Dave & Chris’ fabulous home, and there just wasn’t enough air time to talk about everything we wanted to point out and talk about! I hope what we did share will inspire, and if you would love to know where to find the kinds of cool things that my buds have, that’s easy…just stop into the Fairfield County Antique & Design Center and be amazed!

I’m so proud of my dear friends. They live their passion for beauty. So for Small Business Saturday today, I hope this shout out will help you find wonderful things locally for your home , and will help them continue to find fabulous finds for all to enjoy!

To see more of what DC Kingwood is all about visit on Pinterest:

Enjoy the video!

Love, Nora

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  1. Anne Evola on November 24, 2018 at 2:52 pm


    I learn so much from this blog. To see a townhome transformed into something so special makes me realize that any piece of real estate can become a country home.

    Thanks, Nora!

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