Looking for a hearty dish for a cold snowy day? You’ve got to try Alex Guarnaschelli’s, Beef Brisket Soup With Quickie Parmigiano-Reggiano Dumplings. It’s kind of like if onion soup and pot roast had a child. The deep, rich mahogany broth, flavored equally by the beef, onions and garlic make this a super tender, falling apart beef shredded kind of soup. Then there’s the decadent dumplings floating on top with their creamy texture and rich with Parmesan cheese…definitely know what it wants to be. Top it all off with a bright note! A sprinkling of freshly chopped scallions adds a nice bit of crunch.

This soup is made to eat next to the fireplace, steaming hot, with a loaf of crusty French bread that you just rip off a chunk and dunk into the hot soup. Could be my favorite part!

Alex Guarnaschelli is one passionate chef with incredible food knowledge that’s mixed with her very funny sense of humor. She is one of our faves on the Food Network. So no surprise that her new cookbook, The Home Cook, was the perfect Christmas gift from Murph.

Murph and I highly recommend Alex’s book, filled with a ton of delicious home cook friendly recipes and great anecdotes about her family and friends. This a must have for your cookbook collection. I find that we’ve been neglecting our other cook books, and keep coming back to this one!

You can find Alex’s newest cookbook here.

Happy cooking!

Love, Nora



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