Loody Lady is the name I know her by. For years on eBay I have coveted her gorgeous antique European textiles, and have added items – from French linen sheets to hand stitched quilts – to my eBay wish list. Being a big fan, you can just imagine my reaction when I stumbled upon her tent at the Brimfield Antiques Show last September and realized that it was Loody Lady I was chatting with!

Wendy Lewis is her real name, and she is the purveyor of the most beautiful assortment of one of a kind antique textiles. Her website is www.textiletrunk.com, and this week at Brimfield, you can meet her in person and see her incredible finds.

Wendy makes frequent trips to France and this past year has been one of her best! Her collection is an eclectic range of home textiles, as well as French work clothes that have become a specialty. For this Brimfield Show, she has some new very special items, including 18th c. and 19th c. indigo pieces that are very much on trend right now.

The way Wendy curates her collection by color, patterns, and styles are truly inspired. I was totally blown away last year, and I can’t wait to see what she has in store this week at Brimfield. Wendy and her Textile Trunk tent will be located at New England Motel field (right next to the main food court).

Please do stop in and say hello! Wendy’s looking forward to meeting you.

Happy hunting!

Love, Nora

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