“Mums” are the word this season – and so are cabbages! Ornamental cabbages are beautiful, hearty, and inexpensive plants that have a lot of “wow” to them, whether they’re planted in a grouping or just solo.

On my last run to the farm stand, this one little cabbage caught my eye. It was perfect; soft blue-green ruffled leaves with just the right amount of purple for interest. I wish it had a matching friend, but no luck. Can I make the most of it? I think I can…I think I can.

It’s quick and easy!

  1. Find an interesting container that’s as close to the scale of the plant. (I love the blue-grey color of this old wooden bucket.)
  2. Place a plastic container in the center.
  3. Keep container in place by adding bubble wrap or newspaper.
  4. Soak sphagnum moss (can be purchased at nursery or craft store), gently wring out extra water.
  5. Place handfuls of moss around inside edge of container (if some hangs out, that’s O.K.). Since the cabbage’s leaves are low to the ground, I find it’s best to moss it before placing it into the container.
  6. Keep plant in original plastic pot and just pop inside mossed container.
  7. Easy clean up and re-use by replacing with another plant when you wish to change it up!

My little $4.00 cabbage is all dressed up and ready to be the star of our fall cookout buffet table!

Happy decorating!

Love, Nora


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  1. Nan, Odessa, DE on October 3, 2016 at 1:44 pm

    You have done it again.
    A beautiful inexpensive plant to enjoy!
    Thank you.

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