One of my favorite flowering shrubs that are in bloom at Connecticut Country House, is a Bridal Veil Spirea. Also commonly known as Bridal Wreath Spirea, its graceful, arching branches are covered with a profusion of tiny, snowy, rose-like blossoms. I just love how wild and billowy it looks in the garden right now!

After flowering, dark green foliage will emerge and remain until autumn, when the cooler temps will change the leaves, bringing deep reds and burnt oranges to the garden. Gorgeous!

If you aren’t sold yet, this charming bush is easy to grow. Planted in a sunny spot, with plenty of room to sprawl, it requires nothing more than a bit of trimming after the flowers fade to keep it looking quaint instead of crazy. A few snips really, just to keep it tidy yet natural looking. I simply follow the stem I want to remove back to the main trunk and cut as close to the main trunk as possible. This method encourages graceful growth. An application of fertilizer scratched into the drip edge of the bush will guarantee your planting will be well fed.

To complete the gardening trifecta, like forsythia, the branches make amazingly showy arrangements. Right now, it’s the perfect thing to snip and bring inside for the simplest and showiest big bouquet. I fill a large glass container with room temp water, smash the ends of the branches with a hammer, and arrange. Easy.

I love how lacey and light this flowering shrub is – outside in the perennial garden as a foundation planting, and inside to be the crowning flower touch on my oversized kitchen island!

Happy gardening!

Love, Nora

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