Set against a sparkling clear sky, a Saucer Magnolia in full bloom is a spectacular sight. One of the earliest trees to flower at Connecticut Country House, it’s covered in romantic blossoms in shades of creamy white, blush pink and magenta. After a long New England winter, it’s just breathtaking.

Happy Spring!

Love, Nora

  • Beautiful Nora! So your snow is gone?????

    • Snow is gone, but they’re threatening us with more snow showers tonight! I’m so over it Victoria!! Hope all is lovely in your beautiful neck of the woods! Love, Nora

  • The petals remind me of a silky scarf or flowing gown fit for a princess

  • And ours in the Midwest are frozen brown. Nature.!

  • Lovely photo… our ginormous southern magnolia is putting on buds for her lovely blooms in a month or so. They are dinnerplate sized, and have the sweetest scent.
    I am enjoying your blog so much.
    signed, The Connecticut Yankee who lives in Texas, but started out in a 1700’s house in New England!

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