Say what? Yes, I’ve never heard of Sea Fan topiaries either, and yes, I understand that the term topiary refers to sculpting shrubs and trees into ornamental shapes, but what better way to describe these arrangements?

My favorite French painted wooden buckets, when paired with a few sea fans plucked from their residence in my Cabinet of Curiosities, command a lot of attention. The unusual combination of materials, textures and colors, gives the concept of a traditional topiary an unexpected twist.

Look around. See what you have. Be inspired. Try your favorites in new combinations. Play.

This is how I got my look:

  1. Choose a container that is special to you.
  2. Place a plastic liner or bucket inside the container, and fill with potting soil.
  3. Place sea fan(s) in center, and gently press into soil.
  4. Soak freshly picked moss in water, and then gently fit pieces into place.
  5. Set your topiary in a spot that needs a little extra pizzazz.

It’s that easy.

Happy styling!

Love, Nora

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