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A simple idea, that’s so easy to do!

In keeping with the ocean/Nantucket theme, think of sea salt. I have a pair of very large rosemary plants that are always in need of a trim, and when simply combined with flaky sea salt, voila! A rosemary flavored sea salt that’s a wonderful seasoning to keep on hand in the kitchen or to give as a gift.

Country House Rosemary Sea Salt

You’ll need:

Sea salt, coarse

Sprigs of fresh rosemary

Clear, air-tight jars of any size


Using a funnel, layer flakes of sea salt with sprigs of fresh rosemary.

Cork or cap.

For gift giving, it’s all about the packaging. Simply cut wrapping paper into squares about 2-inches larger than the lid. Center paper on lid and secure with twine. Add a snip of rosemary and a free downloadable gift tag http://noramurphycountryhouse.com/wp-content/uploads/epub/holiday2015/NMCH_Holiday2015_Tags_template.pdf for the perfect finishing touch.


Love, Nora

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