Thanksgiving dinner is always pretty amazing, but, I have to say, the leftovers from the feast are just as highly anticipated.

The same goes for recycling the floral elements from my holiday table. The post Thanksgiving centerpiece can be just as wonderful. This year it was dressed with creamy white pumpkins entwined with bittersweet and branches of winterberry. Too early to deck the house in evergreens for Christmas, as they’d dry out in a heartbeat, I reswizzled what I had into the perfect interim arrangement for the main entryway of Connecticut Country House.

Using one of my very favorite, must have pieces, an old, red painted Maple sap bucket, I dismantled the centerpiece and gathered all of the branches into a big bunch. The scattering of pumpkins, and the simple, rustic container with its subdued color, softly segues the entryway from Thanksgiving to pre-Christmas mode.

Happy decorating!

Love, Nora

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