Decorating for Christmas wouldn’t be the same at Connecticut Country House without containers full of fragrant, blooming paperwhites. It takes about 4 to 5 weeks for these papery beauties to flower, so now’s the time to start potting them up.

It’s easy.

  • Choose a container – I love to set them into an assortment of old clay pots and lined baskets.
  • Lay crushed stone or clay pot shards in bottom of container to provide drainage.
  • Fill container to 1-inch from the top with potting soil.
  • Place each bulb, pointed side up, about 1/3 into the soil, keeping bulb 2/3 above soil line. Cluster them closely, like eggs in a carton, for a fuller arrangement.
  • Place in a sunny spot and water well.
  • As they start to grow, they will push themselves out of the soil, so gently push them back in.
  • Use plant supports early – twigs and twine are natural supports.
  • Once they’re in bloom, and to keep them flowering longer, move them to a cooler spot (between 55-65°F) with indirect light.

Happy planting!

Love, Nora

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