Brighten the landscape for next spring by planting cheerful daffodil bulbs now!

Choose a sunny spot. Areas that are normally shaded by deciduous trees are fair game. Freshly immerging leaves are too small to decrease the sunlight the growing plants crave. This opens up a lot of possibilities in the gardens of Connecticut Country House.

Work the soil several inches deeper than you’re actually going to plant the bulbs, adding organic matter, so that the dirt drains well, and roots have plenty of room to grow.

Cluster bulbs in groups for maximum impact. When planted in a circle, blooms give a charming bouquet effect. Another bit of garden magic, is to plant them in a triangular pattern, like a set of bowling pins. With the narrow point facing the primary viewing position, and the broad base towards the back, when the flowers are in bloom, the visual result is a mass of color.

Plant these miraculous, complete “plant factories” tips up, and they’ll readily stretch for the sun come spring.

Happy gardening!

Love, Nora

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