Collin Robison and Trent DeBerry’s home is nothing short of a most gracious eighteenth century Connecticut country house. They share their story, as well as decorating tips, in the current autumn issue of Nora Murphy Country House

Today, Collin shares his thoughts and styling tips for creating his beautiful autumnal tablescape:

“Let your table tell a story. Consider the mood and feeling of the meal or event, and entice all of the senses.”


“I thought of a walk through the forest at dusk on a crisp, fall evening. You might see the antlers of a deer poking above the brush; hear the rustle of pheasants, the smell of damp moss growing on the rocks as you pass by. All of this sets the tone for a magical evening. I looked in the garden and property for natural items to help tell the story.”

Think Outside Of The Box

“Think multi-layered, multi-dimensional; peaks and valleys. I collected items throughout the house that could convey the feeling I was after. I looked for a variety of textures–shiny, rough, hard, and soft. I love contrasts and crispness that led me to juxtapose the organics with the graphic black and white table runner.”

Birds Of A Feather

“Look to collections, heirlooms, and “loves” to help guide you as you create a special experience for your guests. I have a love of all things avian which led me to use the macaw feathers, the pheasant feather covered birds, the garland that feels a bit like unraveled nests, as well as bird nests found on the property.”


Thanks very much Collin!

Love, Nora




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