It’s 13 below this morning here in the hollow at Connecticut Country House, and I’m catching myself daydreaming about spring, and about that certain smell and feel of fresh earth cupped in my hands. And when you find that perfect quote that truly sums what’s in your heart and head, you’ve just got to share it with your friends!

“The person going out to plant wears gloves on her hands. She lifts out the first shovelful of earth and empties it to one side. It is neither wet nor hard, merely moist, easily poured. It contains air and well-made air channels and is therefore light in a way good bread sponge is light. It’s fresh, earthy fragrance rises up, familiar and provocative; and suddenly the planter knows why she wore gloves. It was for the pleasure of shucking them off and taking a handful of the fresh earth up in her bare hands, to smell its satisfying perfume and feel it against her skin. Now is the moment for an intimate renewal of kinship with the earth.” ~ Rachel Peden

You’re welcome. 

Stay warm, spring is coming!

Love, Nora

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