To kick-off December I’m starting with wreaths and keeping them green. Maybe I’ll dress them up as we get closer to Christmas, but for now I’m loving the entrances to Connecticut Country House simply adorned. Just because they’re simple, doesn’t mean they need to be skimpy. I personally prefer big fat wreaths!

Last week was busy enough prepping for Thanksgiving, so I couldn’t resist an effective shortcut when it came to getting wreaths up at my 2 main entrances. On my way into the store to pick-up my turkey, I also picked up a couple of 22-inch unadorned Balsam wreaths at the whopping cost of 7.99 each.

When I got home, with clippers in hand, I pruned one of my boxwood shrubs (one that needed pruning), and snipped a nice big bouquet of sprigs at least 8-inches in length. As the wreaths are held tightly together with wire,  I simply tucked boxwood cuttings into the wired base.

My skimpy 7.99 wreaths quickly evolved into lush, pricier-looking wreaths.

Now I need to go back and get some more!

Happy decorating!

Love, Nora

  • Looks wonderful Nora – we do the same buy a simple wreath and embellish it. My tree is up and the lights are in place I need to push forward today and the ornaments on. I love the Christmas season full of greens and festive ribbons and twinkling lights.

  • Great idea to enhance a bargain wreath, Nora! They look just fabulous!

    I’m off to fetch ours tomorrow…a big one for the front door, and (hopefully) a boxwood one from Trader Joe’s ($9.99…get ’em while you can!) for over the mantle hood in the kitchen.

    Can’t wait to see more pictures of your decorating this year! Keep the inspiration coming!

  • Brilliant idea! It looks like something that costs 3 times as much–and for very minimal effort.

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