So what do you get a little boy on a business trip to Paris? Why, a bug of course!

Quite simply that’s how our bug collection was born.

For me, trips to Paris wouldn’t have been complete without a stop at Deyrolle and buying one very cool bug. Since 1831, Deyrolle has been a house of curiosities located on Rue du Bac, one of my favorite streets in Paris.

I love the curious nature of an insect. Up close they’re fascinating – and beautiful. Whether they’re boldly grouped as part of a collection, or featured as a simple solo piece or two, they add a certain je ne sais quoi……actually the more I think about it, the word would be elegnce.

Love, Nora

  • I was fascinated when I learned scientist study bugs so they can improve the functions of prosthetics. I have to say the only ones I enjoy are butterflies and lady bugs.

  • I love this post! Just found your website 🙂 My son is five and would REALLY enjoy starting a collection like this.. now if only I could get myself a trip to Paris!! My dad brought me back glass cases of butterflies from Brazil when I was young that I loved.

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