Every morning on our mini-vaca in the 1000 Islands in Canada, I reached for a glass that was neatly stacked in the kitchen cabinet of my dear friend Holly’s lakeside country house. Whether it was to be filled with water from the tap (a filtered version of lake water) or chilled OJ, the glass was always just the right size.

Those neatly stacked glasses were jars, and they were formerly filled with my very favorite French jam – Bonne Maman. What a perfect size, and what a great idea- especially for outdoor entertaining!

From now on, those empty jars of Bonne Maman will be spared from my recycling bins, and will make a great collection for my kitchen glassware cabinet.

Thanks Holly!

Love, Nora






  • Oh, I love those jars too. That’s a good idea. The way a certain person is going through our glasses I just might start doing that. Thanks for the tip!

  • I love these jams and I love these jars! We use them for everything! Buttons, leftovers, nerd darts….

    Love your blog and magazine!


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