The time has come. Plants that have wintered indoors and are now in summer residence outdoors (on the other side of their  window) need a little sprucing up.

All the potted topiaries got snipped. Easy enough, just follow the shape and with a pair of clippers or sharp scissors – snip! You can’t snip off too much, because ‘tis the season for promoting growth!

Now when it comes to my big ol’ shaggy pair of ferns, that’s a different story. Where to start?

The pair is happy for the most part during the winter, but by spring they start to get leggy and a little crispy in parts. They’re so happy when they get hauled out to their summer spot – on the stone steps in front of the front door of the old house. They love it there. A little direct sun (mostly reflected sunlight), but mostly cool shade. They have plenty of air circulation due to the higher altitude of where they’re perched.

But, they get even happier when I come at them with a pair of sharp scissors. Lots of the not-so-good-looking leaves are begging to be gone. And so I start to snip (feeling a little like Edward Scissorhands).

Don’t be afraid, you may just be as surprised as I was, when I noticed the healthy tuft of spring green new growth had already started to emerge! That really built my confidence in forging ahead with those shears.

When all was said and done, I stepped back and looked at the stone steps. There piled high, were the old ratty-looking cut fronds on the ground, and fresh, new, beautiful fern plants right there in front of me. Magic.

Happy gardening!

Love, Nora

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