This isn’t really a recipe…it’s a little story about a ‘moment’. And how sometimes, the very best things in life are the simplest.

I’m a convert. I simply adore a fresh egg. It all started a few years ago when two of my fellow colleagues who raised hens ended up with more eggs than they knew what to do with.  So they decided to share the love, and brought the extra eggs into work for anyone who was in need. Wow. I was sold. There was no comparison to the store-bought eggs I had been accustomed to conveniently buy.

Now, down the road at a tiny market, fresh eggs from a nearby farm in Easton are sold. The only frustrating part is that the eggs sell out very quickly and there’s really no knowing when the next shipment will arrive. (I’ve tried interrogating the nice cashier, but to no avail.)

On one of those lucky days that I was able to score a dozen, I couldn’t wait to get home and fire up a pan to make myself a classic ‘egg over-easy’. Maybe it was the slice of smoked bacon that sizzled and fried up first to season the pan. With my favorite spatula in hand, maybe it was in the timing and technique in giving it that one quick flip. Or maybe it’s the pinch of course sea salt that creates the magic at the end.

I don’t really know. All I know is that the moment I cut into this egg with my fork, the most stunning deep orange color emerged and slowly puddled out. It was a gorgeous sight. Before I could take a bite, I grabbed my iPhone and documented the moment.

Ah…There’s something just so satisfying about a perfectly cooked fresh egg.

Love, Nora

  • I couldn’t agree more! And once you’ve developed a spoiled, yet steady diet of farm fresh eggs, it’s so hard to go back. Nothing else will do. Those pale-yolked grocery store eggs are so flavorless…sad.

    Where I live, in rural New Hampshire, my favorite eggs come from a lady who lives walking distance from our house. Her free-ranging chickens must dine on truly delectable bugs, because even among farm fresh eggs, hers are a cut above.

    I am very much enjoying reading your blog and seeing all your lovely, light-bathed photos! Gorgeous!

    Love from a fellow New Englander,

  • David J. Rote says:
    May 4, 2014 at 8:56 pm Reply

    Dear Nora,
    This was a fantastic post! I’m pretty lucky as my book keeper raises chickens on her farm…and delivers eggs to me at work! When the hen’s are laying, nothing is better than farm raised eggs! The soft colors of the shells always intrigue me… soft celadon, rusty browns, the palest blues. Cracking them open seems naughty, like breaking a fine porcelain tea cup… but the taste can’t be beat!

    Best Regards,


    • I’m with you David…..I think I love the colors just as much as the taste! Thanks so much for sharing….love, Nora

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