If you’re looking for a dessert that can be described as enticing, colorful, heavenly, tasty, simple, cheerful, pretty, refreshing, light, playful, classy, charming, happy, jazzy, showy, and just a little different – then you’ll love our Hamptons Sorbet.

My dear friend Holly came up with this sweet idea for her daughter, and my God daughter, Aileen’s, bridal shower.  This beautiful little dessert was the perfect ending to the evening.

We used small parfait/juice glasses, and scooped into them 3 different flavors – Blood Orange, Raspberry, and Mango (any favorite combo will do). To make clean scoops, dip scooper into a tall glass filled with warm water between scoops. Nip pansy flowers off stems, and place in a pan of cold water. When sorbet is all scooped, place one or two blooms on top of each one. Place all on a tray and they’re ready to be served.

As one of the ladies exclaimed as I brought in this tray of gorgeousness – “Are we in the ____ Hamptons?!” I had to censor her comment, because it was just as surprising and colorful as the dessert!

To read the whole story, go to: http://noramurphycountryhouse.com/magazine/spring-2014/country-house-wedding


Love, Nora


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