Each and every year, as soon as we haul down the boxes of tree trimmings from the attic, I feel like a little kid – I can’t wait to dig into those boxes and see my old friends again.

I’m a romantic at heart (actually a pretty big mush) when it comes to these ornaments. Pretty much everything has a joyful and playful vibe – whether it’s from my childhood, handmade little masterpieces by Conor and his cousins, or a sweet reminder of a wonderful trip. I’ve also found that by adding all kinds of hand-crafted small animals to the tree makes everyone smile. So when I came upon these sweet handmade creatures at this year’s Brimfield Antique Show…I was immediately smitten. And when Rosemary (the co-creator) pointed out all the unique hand done details….and that these intricate details were vintage…I was really hooked!

I’ve kept one of these sweet little buddies for our family Christmas tree (also a beautiful reminder of one of my favorite antique jaunts in the whole world), and thought the rest of the clan would go to fellow romantics (a.k.a. mushes) like me. As I was photographing them, and zooming in on their details, I was reminded of Rosemary’s beautiful little tidbits of info, and found that I was falling in love with these little guys all over again.

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Merry Christmas…make it happy, happy!

Love, Nora


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