Daylight savings time seems to be the catalyst for a whole new mindset when it comes to entertaining, and candlelight becomes my secret weapon to styling the house for any evening event.

‘Tis the season to take stock of my candle inventory – tapers, pillars, votives, and tea lights – this way I can create a softly lit environment instantly no matter what the occasion. And I don’t always hold out for the weekends – an ordinary mid-week meal can become very special when I turn down the lights (all my switches are on dimmers) and simply place a few votives on the table.

There’s something about candlelight that makes everything more special. When our dining room is only powered by candlelight, everyone feels a little more comfy and cozy (as well as sometimes I’m looking a bit tired so I like to believe this soft glow makes me and my efforts look just a little better!)

I make sure the candlelight is distributed  around the room and into the other rooms, avoiding jarring light from one room to another. I place tapers in the chandelier and wall sconces, as well as numerous small glass containers (sometimes using juice or wine glasses) filled with votives or tea lights on the table and surrounding surfaces. I center taller glasses or jars (depending on the formality of the dinner) on the surrounding window sills. I love the reflection of the candlelight in the glass panes – adding extra magic to the interior space, as well as setting the tone outside as guests drive up to the house.

I adore scented candles, but prefer to light them after dinner so our guests can enjoy the mouthwatering aroma of what’s cooking in the kitchen. A scented candle lit in the powder room is also a nice little touch.

So tonight, light a candle or two and turn off the lights…you may find that a more intimate environment will spark conversation and a whole new focus on what’s for dinner.


Love, Nora

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