I love Halloween photo shoots, especially when it involves children.

I started with the best children’s photographer I know, Duanne Simon. And to capture Duanne’s and the team’s efforts (the behind the scenes stuff) Conor got that part of the gig. Technically, the shoot started at 1 p.m., and officially at 3:30 – until 7. Long day.

The old farmhouse table came outside with bales of straw for seating (very comfy, I might add). Faux crows discovered at the dollar store perched on top of the front door’s transom. Wired tissue paper leaves (also a dollar store find) were twisted onto jute twine. This colorful garland played a playful role decking the door, as well as running down the center of the old farmhouse table as a centerpiece.

Treats were plenty: Apple cider donuts, British crackers (pulled apart, little surprises inside), and little bags of pretzels and apples hidden (in plain sight) as scavenger hunt goodies. A big copper bucket filled with water and smaller scaled apples was set on straw bales and served up the most fun of the afternoon as the bobbing for apples game (towels at the ready) began.

And last, but not least, the vintage Halloween trick or treat bags (found at Brimfield) were lovingly stuffed with nostalgic sweets and handed out to the fading little bunch at the very end. My friend Robin baked up a big batch of colorful and whimsically decorated Halloween cookies that were eventually tucked into cellophane bags and tied with raffia – a little gift to the parents for their patience and perseverance.

The afternoon was a whirlwind, but a great success. To be honest, a lot of work goes into it – before, during, and after – but when it’s a wrap one of the toughest parts of the project is yet to begin…editing the photography. Not an easy task. Hundreds and hundreds of shots to review, one sweeter, funnier, or more precious than the one before.

We took the “very best of” and created the Halloween Look Book on the home page of our site noramurphycountryhouse.com , and a whole bunch of exceptional behind the scenes out takes for today’s post that are sure to make you smile!


Love, Nora

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