Each week, here at Connecticut Country House – something’s in bloom. (Love it and so in my element.)

This week, the back path to the house (which happens to be the main path) has been in full bloom with white Azaleas.  There are other Azalea shrubs scattered on the property (most planted a long time before we came along) – lavender and bright red – that are beautiful as well, but there’s something about our white planted row on this path that projects freshness and elegance.  I would plant another row  parallel to them and the path to create more balance and amp up this projection, but unfortunately, because of the path’s proximity to the house, there just isn’t enough room for them there.  (I have climbing Hydrangeas doing the green foliage and white flower balancing act – just a little more vertically!)

But before these Azaleas are done blooming, I’ve got to strategically (to keep the shape) cut some short branches to tie some small simple bouquets together and pop them into teacups and jars to bring some touches of “fresh and elegant” into the house.  It’s really quite simple:

1. Cut branches to approximately the same desired length, and cut off any blossoms, leaves or shoots towards the bottom of the branch.

2. Hold bouquet together in one hand and with the other wind twine (I use a waxed linen twine) around once or twice until bouquet is stabile – and tie.

3. Because the azalea has a woody stem, pound the bottom inch of the tied bouquet with a hammer so it can draw water once it’s in the container.

4. Choose a container that best fits the scale and vibe of the bouquet.  Since mine is small, and I wanted to adorn the cupboard containing my red ware collection – I chose a 3-inch high hand blown glass cup that fits in perfectly with the look and scale of the collection.

Most importantly, it’s about taking a few minutes and making the most of what you’ve got. TGIF dear friends!

Love, Nora


  • Carolyn Jennings says:
    May 31, 2013 at 5:21 pm Reply

    Hi Nora – I love your bouquet and the blue vessel – both make a perfect statement next to your red ware. More importantly I love the hammer suggestion – much safer (and easier) than what I am used to doing…shaving the bark with a bladed tool. Your photo’s are beautiful – especially #6/12 – so cool looking on such a hot day. – Love, Carolyn

  • So beautiful to see white flowers in Summer!

  • White azaleas are my favorite too, but then I tend to have a weakness for white flowers. I love the row of bushes, very impactful.

    • I do too….the more I think about….I love white shirts, white sneakers, white dishes, white paint…..yup, I definitely have a weakness for that color. period. Thanks Maria – Happy Gardening!

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