And what a beautiful morning it is in my old hometown of Fairfield, Connecticut  – more specifically this historic part of town – Greenfield Hill. I’m driving the back roads home to Newtown from down county and I’m in love with what I see.  The assorted trees that line the roads (primarily Dogwoods) are just bursting with flowers – and for the first time these trees are so commanding of attention, so exquisite, they’re doing a great job of distracting me from my usual rubbernecking when it comes to gracious antique homes and refined mature gardens with their exquisitely crafted white picket fences. (Sigh.)

When I got to the top of the hill, right there in the heart of this pristine historic district, since 1725 stands the Greenfield Hill Congregational Church, surrounded by a quintessential Connecticut green. Today the spirit moved me to slow down, stop, and document this glorious sight all around me to show you just how breathtaking Connecticut is in the springtime.

Oh what a beautiful spot.

Wishing you a beautiful morning!

Love, Nora









  • Hi Nora, I feel the same way over here in Haddam. I walk each morning down by the CT river and all the old homes along the river and on my drive home just look beautiful with their lilac, dogwood, you name it, blooming. Enjoy!

    • You are so right Jayne… your part of the state…..I’ve always wanted to live in one of those gorgeous antique houses in Essex! One day…..

  • Chris cherv says:
    May 7, 2013 at 5:50 pm Reply

    There is no place more beautiful than home Nora!! Do you remember the anticipation of our towns Dogwood festivals?

    • Absolutely Chris! I can’t believe I missed it this year. One of my sweetest finds, many years ago, was from the Tag Sale tent….the red and white antique toile tea cozy I had in the Irish Tea posting. I couldn’t have paid more than $3 for it……still keep it out….still love it! Did you go this past weekend?

  • Chris Cherv says:
    May 7, 2013 at 11:01 pm Reply

    No Nora I too missed the festival. I must save the dates for next year. Reading of your find has excited me for Brimfield! Hope to bump into you there!

  • This spring has been exceptionally beautiful. I think it’s our reward for surviving March which felt more like December. I am even enjoying our much needed rain. Oh what a beautiful spring. Thank you for the photos. I am in awe of the fancy fence on top of the stone wall.

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