Next time you’re walking by that flat of pansies – more specifically those cute little faced ‘Johnny Jump Ups’ – not so fast, they’re the key to your next dessert!

These little guys are not just a pretty little face for the garden – they’re a pretty and very unexpected topping for your next – no bake, no fuss –  dessert.  By merging these two unlikely sweet and sassy edible materials – sorbet and pansies – all this combo can say is “ooh la la”!

So which one is the sweet one and which one is sassy?  Well that’s debatable.  You can say the sweet is the sorbet in all its’ icey fruitiness,  and the crowning touch of a flower blossom is surely a bold move all on its own –  the epitome of sassiness.  And then you can make the argument for the pansy as the sweet and oh-so-unassuming component and the sorbet, a ramped-up Euro-version of an ice cream – well that’s pretty sassy.  Or maybe…

Last spring, one of my best friends, Holly, introduced me to this fanciful concoction for an out-of-the box seasonal dessert offering for her sweet daughter (and my sweet Goddaughter) Aileen’s bridal shower we hosted here at Connecticut Country House. This dessert was the perfect light and pretty ending to a fun night of ladies wining and dining. Back in the kitchen (a.k.a. Command Central) we scooped the assorted sorbets into little French footed juice glasses and carefully placed pansies here and there on top of each one.  As I walked into the party room with my tray full of ‘Sweet meets Sassy’ – one of the more sassier ladies (who had a tendency of telling it like it is – bluntly) took one look at this dessert and exclaimed, “It’s like we’re in the #@*%! Hamptons!”

Need I say more?

Sweet meets Sassy

Sorbet – we scooped Mango, Raspberry, and Blood Orange – Holly likes Trader Joe’s brand Mango Sorbet, I like Ciao Bella brand Raspberry and Blood Orange.

Pansies – Johnny Jump-Ups.  Depending on the number of guests – you can place 1 or 2 pansy blossoms per dessert – just snip each blossom at the top of the stem where it meets the flower.

Juice, wine, or champagne glasses would be best.  You could also scoop these into vintage tea cups – very pretty.

Small Ice Cream scooper – a smaller scoop has a more delicate and refined look to it.  Be sure to have a glass of warm water ready to dip your scooper into between scoops.  You want clean colors.

Perfectly pretty and easy for a springtime dessert – enjoy!

Love, Nora

  • …Ahh, you gotta love sassy! ;o)

    …A beautiful presentation!

    …Blessings. :o)

  • We were all ‘showered’ with joy that night of Aileen’s gathering, one year ago yesterday! Still smiling 🙂 dear friend, thank you for a beautiful and delicious evening we will forever cherish. They are married 222 days now, how time flies. You are a Blessing. Love ya!

    “Enough, if something from our hands have power, to live and act and serve the future hour”

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