The instantaneous appearance of importance – oooh, the “look at me” moment – when you place literally anything on a cake stand.  The idea of the traditional cake stand utilized only for the annual birthday cake is long gone.  At least it is at Connecticut Country House.

Last week as I re-organized my shelves in the pantry, I had the opportunity to handle each one I have and remind myself of how elegant and practical they are at the same time.  When I’m out and about, I look for them in assorted materials; glass, ceramic, terracotta, wood, and wicker.

I find that this “plate on a pedestal” brings out the inner-diva in anything from savory sandwiches, quiches and cheeses – to full assortments of cookies, cupcakes, and even a humble stacking of donuts or bunching of fruit.

Next time you’re setting your buffet table – consider incorporating a few cake stands.  Other than visually highlighting a special dish – and breaking up the table surface of flat and low serving platters – the pedestals will also take up less table surface so you may be able to fit so much more.

Consider the cake stand – not just for fancy occasions anymore.

Love, Nora




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