Connecticut Country House is all about country house living.  But this style of living is not defined by the architecture or the location; it’s all about the warmth and hospitality you find inside.  The simple things in life make all the difference.

One simple thing is stacking a collection of folded woolen blankets on an oddball chair, bench, or ottoman.  In the family room or near the front door, by a toasty fireplace or a picture window looking out onto a snowy yard, this stack of warmth says “come on in and make yourself at home”.

The key to stacking blankets is to simply keep them alike – for example, all cable knits, all creamy white, or in my case – all tartan.  I’ve always been a lover of tartans.  And the beauty to them, other than their rich colors and distinctive plaids, is that the more you mix them the better. Whether brand new or a little tattered and tossed on a flea market table, it’s one of those little things I keep a look out for.

In October this tartan stack appears on the scene in time for the first fire and re-locates as needed through St. Patrick’s Day.  As spring gets on the way, they get washed and folded, then tucked into a large black plastic bag and stored in a closet upstairs until the first fire of the coming fall.

So for now, as February keeps me and my boys more at home than out, we take full advantage. Any given Friday or Saturday night – when we’re not cooking up a storm for friends – you can find us wrapped in tartan blankets, nestled in the family room, in our designated spots, in fuzzy sweats, watching a great old movie, and of course, nibbling on a big bowl of freshly popped corn (recipe:December 31st – Comfort and Joy posting).

Here’s to staying warm and cozy.  Grab a blanket – and the remote –  ready, get set, go!

Love, Nora





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