If you forgot about St. Valentine’s Day – or wish the idea of the day could stick around a little longer – no worries.  In my book, love notes are always a good idea.  Any day.

I’ll give you a little peek into my world  – the places where many of these love notes live.  For those who have been over to Connecticut Country House, and have pulled a coffee cup from the cabinet above the coffee maker – you probably smiled when you discovered my scotch taped little hodge-podge secret stash.  I refuse to move them.  Some are so early and precious, I didn’t even have the heart to remove them when I gave the doors a fresh coat of paint.  I love seeing these every time I open the doors.

And then there are the creme de la creme of love notes, a pair that with a big fat marker in hand, my then 7-year old Conor spontaneously wrote and drew as I had just returned home from a business trip to Paris. They are unexpectedly ginormous and ended up begging to be framed.  I’m so glad I did.  I’ll have them forever.

Each and every one of them makes me smile and reminds me every single day of how much I am loved by my boys.

Love, Nora

  • …I love this idea and have had the same similar idea for our home. I have often thought of placing life’s lil’ love notes, old family handwritten recipes and a few cherished family photos under glass on our kitchen island. I just haven’t found a way to do so, not knowing if there is a thick heat-safe glass or what/how I could institute such an idea. And so it remains for now…an idea. :o)

    …No. 1: LOVE your coffee mugs. No. 2: LOVE the lil’ Snoopy. And No. 3: LOVE your decor. :o)

    …Have a lovely weekend!

    …Blessings. :o)

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