Throw pillows, like shoes, I can never have enough of.  And very much like my eclectic shoe collection, I’ve got my favorites.  My pillows run the gamut – from richly colored and patterned Turkish kilim pillows (that you can say are on par with my treasured collection of classic Burberry pumps) – to small novelty pillows embroidered or cross-stitched with clever little sayings (may equal a basket tossed full of brightly colored one-season espadrilles) may not be as precious – but does the same trick.  Because sometimes they set the direction, and other times they are solely playing a supporting role.  And all, one time or another, have played an important role in defining a certain style or season in my home.

Bottom line: I find throw pillows simply irresistible.  Whether I spot a one-of-a-kind at Brimfield, one or two in a fresh new color at my local Home Goods, or discover the perfect little fabric remnant that I squirrel away, with the best laid plans in whipping up a Nora original some day; their origins just don’t matter.  To me, it’s all about the interesting, or unexpected twist, these little under-rated beauties bring to the table – or I should say – sofa.
Have a comfy weekend!
Love, Nora

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