Found the early cinnamon brown chintz quilt – with the allover pheasant pattern – folded in a basket at the bottom of the linen closet.  I thought it would bring a lot of charm as an unexpected tablecloth for the old farmhouse table. I cut fresh bittersweet from a tree on the side of the road and wound it through and around the chandelier. The vines add a sculptural and whimsical moment, with vibrant red berries that add such rich color.  Rearranged the white pumpkin collection to welcome the pair of big glass hurricanes filled with pinecones I found in front of the house. I love mixing natural elements into the centerpiece.  Each place setting is created with the treasures from my latest antiquing jaunt – Booth’s “Antique Pheasant”  English hand-painted plates and really oversized (with a hearty hand) vintage monogrammed linen napkins. Love mixing the old with the new, so I paired my collection of La Rochere water and wine glasses with my antique finds – and voila – the perfect match-up of classics!

Turkey’s roasting beautifully in the oven.  Cleaning a huge batch of russet potatoes for the fluffiest of mashes.  The green beans are almost ready to go into the big cast iron pan and waiting just a little bit longer for the fire in the cooking hearth to be just right. I love Thanksgiving. Here at Connecticut Country House it’s all for one and one for all!  Everyone ties on an apron, rolls up their sleeves, and hits the kitchen with great gusto.

Time to pop the pink bubbly!  Let the merriment begin!  Here’s to you, my friends and family, for all your love and support.  I am truly thankful for your loyalty to my beloved blog.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Love, Nora


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