Azaleas blooming in Connecticut – in November?  That’s right. And in my powder room, to boot! I have a pair of freaky miniature Azalea topiaries that bloom twice a year – late spring, and fall. This sweetest pair of Mother’s Day presents from the boys is truly a gift that keeps on giving.  I’ve nurtured them (the azaleas) for about 7 years now, and even though in that time period I have only repotted them once (probably for decorative reasons, not spatial) they are the same exact size they were the day I received them. These little guys are not much to brag about 10 months out of the year (they go pretty much unnoticed), but when they are in full bloom, they get everyone’s attention. Especially placed almost in your face on the powder room vanity, these hot shots of pink are too big for their bodies and make for an unexpected little moment for all who enter.  And every time all who exit ask “Are those real Azaleas blooming now – in November?

I say “Yup, isn’t it crazy?!”  Ya gotta love it.

“God makes three requests of His children: Do the best you can, where you are, with what you have, now.” – African-American proverb

Happy Monday!

Love, Nora


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