Whether you’re a fan of fanciful curlicues or crisp uniform lines – there’s a monogram out there for each of us.  I guess, depending on my mood, and the nature of the event, I can go either way. And the funny thing is that the initials don’t even need to be mine!

I have found so much beauty in the embroidered fonts of the last 2 centuries.  And the unique way these letters interact or intersect with one another on simple handkerchief-weight linens to gutsier textured woven cotton ground cloths, makes them all the more desirable and collectible.

My eyes will forever be on the lookout at estate sales, flea markets and antique shows, for that beautifully monogrammed set of napkins that adds a subtle personality to my table settings, or a stack of single mis-matched monogrammed tea towels in the powder room where my guests can discover one-of-a-kind initials with each hand washing.

Each embroidered cloth has its own feeling of sophistication, as well as a humbleness, and it’s a unique way to ever so lightly layer in a little romance from the past into our special occasions or everyday lives.

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Love, Nora

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