I think I cut the largest bouquet ever this weekend – it stood almost 4 feet tall!  In a teeny-tiny way, it reminded me of a wee smaller (and wilder) version of the fabulous bouquets in the main hall of the Metropolitan Museum of Art!  As the gardens are winding down, there are some late bloomers that are truly commanding my attention – one of them being the hardy perennial, Boltonia Asteroids.  Yes, that’s it’s name.  And I think I recall that it was that astronomical-sounding name that got my attention many years ago.

Boltonia Asteroids is also known as False Aster.  It grows very tall, about 5 feet, and blooms in the late summer/early fall with lavender-pinky flowers.  It needs full sun to part shade, and has the added bonus of attracting butterflies.  Just when I think the gardens are done flowering, the Boltonia are at a full-tilt of billowy gorgeousness! They’re the perfect robust foundation to any autumnal arrangement and work so beautifully with other perennials that are turning colors on extraordinarily long stems, like hydrangea, daisies, and mint.

This past weekend, this monster of a bouquet added to the spirit of our family friends’, Gabi and John’s, combined birthday shindig.  I think it (the monster) enjoyed itself in the midst of the birthday hub, out on the back deck, until it was time for it to go inside.  That was the moment I realized that I may have gotten just a little carried away with the billowy aspect of this gift. I hope you found a good and ample spot for it Gabi!  Enjoy.

Happy Birthday guys, and Happy Monday!

Love, Nora


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