Happy Fall!   Well we’re into the third day of the new season, and I have to say that on a crisp day like today – New England is the place to be.  But I do have a confession to make.  Speaking as a crazed gardener, I’m looking at the glass half empty today. I’m already missing summer. There are those early and mid-summer days that put me smack dab in the middle of my element, my gardens: planting, transplanting, hoeing, staking, pruning, and of course, weeding (won’t miss that one). Everything is green, lush, and thriving.  Yesterday I was out milling around in the kitchen garden, and sadly, all that “green, lush and thriving” is not so much so.  I’m very slowly getting on board with the concept of “closing up shop” out there.

And then, there’s the glass half full point of view.  My weekly jaunt to Sherwood Farm in Easton is this girl’s little piece of heaven.  Every week, I can’t wait to go.  I step into the small farm shop and am blown away by the abundance of gorgeous fruits and veggies.  My mind starts to race – what should we cook and bake this week?  I can spend an hour just milling around in this little space. After loading up a basket of precious goods to fulfill my culinary visions (sometimes they’re fantasies), I can’t help but notice “the impulse buy” at the door of the shop – intensely vibrant zinnia bouquets.  O.K., so it worked – I bought them.  And now I have to admit, it didn’t take much to get me excited about the beauty of the season ahead. Wishing you a beautiful day.

“Don’t cry because it’s over.  Smile because it happened.”  – Dr. Suess

Love, Nora

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